User Experience is a hot topic right now in the digital health world and so the PainTrain team are hot onto it.

Thank you to Irith Williams who leads PainTrain through this process and also to Lissanthea Taylor for introducing us to her incredibly resourceful friend!

Who better than to begin the UX process than our founder, Soula, who initially had to map out her patient journey (pictured above) before delving into a very cathartic process with sticky notes.

We’ll be on the UX task for quite a few months yet as we plan to interview two more people living with chronic pain.

But be certain we’ll keep you in the loop.

Below are the two chronic pain areas, (Observations and Pain) of the six areas, (Needs, Behaviours, Tech & Wins) that Soula had to place her (sticky, short) thoughts into in order to begin the pain mapping journey.

Soula gave herself just a few hours for this process or she may still be applying sticky notes well into 2019!