Sample summary

It’s easy for patients to feel like they’re on a runaway train when living with chronic pain.

There are so many practitioners involved in their health care. At times it might also feel like their train has come to a stop. Pro PainTrain helps you put the patient back in the driver’s seat.

Pro PainTrain can help your patients summarise and explain:

  • The location of pain using a body map, including the type of pain i.e. dull ache
  • Their mood and type of pain at different times of the day
  • The pain pattern throughout the day with a graph
  • Mood detailing medication intake status
  • How the pain has affected the patient’s life and wellbeing
  • Activity details
  • Details about support
  • Any diagnosis received
  • Health care practitioners, appointments, treatment, surgery, X-rays and other files in timeline form and via upload function
  • Notes about insurance
  • Medication notes – the response and current plan

Pro PainTrain is a patient-developed, patient-owned system that summarises information about the patient experience and allows the patient to privately share that information with you.

Patients control access to their information at all times.

Sample summary

Pro PainTrain will help your patients:

  • Explain their pain journey accurately alleviating the trauma of repetition
  • Keep their information private, and shareable with people of their choosing
  • Make the most of their time with you
  • Make sure their information is summarised properly and transferred to other health care practitioners quickly
  • Improve communication between you and the patient and the patient and their family, carers and friends
  • Update their information on any device live 24/7 and have it visible to anyone with access (internet connection required)
  • Feel independent, confident and more in control of their health journey