PAIN RESEARCH – How Much do we Value it?

A great deal!!

Australia is fortunate to have some pretty incredible people who gain global attention for the work they do.

We’re not talking a little ‘inspo’ here, we’re talking about people who are leading Australia with their research. The kind of team that every country is watching.

Well, PainTrain holds one such incredible team in very high regard. They are the UniSA and they’re aiming for a Pain Revolution.

PainTrain are in huge support of the idea, as we were last year in 2018 when we raised over $800.

Specialists and people living with pain around the world are desperate for ways to find explanations for chronic pain and for better ways to manage it. They’re all watching these guys.

For family and friends who haven’t had to worry about chronic pain this wouldn’t mean much. But this affects those people no less because any pain you feel (or don’t!) UniSA’s research team are attempting to explain it (even if it sounds senseless!).


For the full month of March, PainTrain – My Health Summary will be donating $6 from every subscription to the Pain Revolution’s 2019 Ride for Pain.

Make your dollars travel a long way by investing in your pain management as well as some very much needed research.

Pain is relevant to all of us.
This research is relevant to the world.

Please, help with the Pain Revolution fundraiser by donating directly.
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